Electrochemistry Short type Question with Answer for CHSE/CBSE Board

Electrochemistry Short type Question

As per Covid-19 the govt. has declare 50% MCQ Question for CHSE Board. So Our effort is to provide more and more MCQ Question to the students chapter wise.

 What is oxidation ?
Answer. It is a process which involves loss of electrons by a substance.

What is reduction ?
Answer. It is a process which involves gain of electrons by a substance.

 What is a voltaic cell or electrochemical cell ?
Answer. It is a device of converting the chemical energy into electrical energy.

Define the term emf ?
Answer. The difference of potential which causes flow of current from one electrode to another electrode in an electrochemical cell is called the electromotive force (emf).

 What is a half cell ?
Answer. It is half of the electrochemical cell where either oxidation or reduction occurs.

 Mention the names of anode and cathode of a Daniell cell ?
Answer. Zinc strip acts as anode whereas copper strip as cathode.

Can copper be oxidised by zinc ions ?
Answer. No, zinc metal can be oxidised by Cu2+ ions.

Name the electrolytes that can be used in salt bridge.
Answer. Potassium sulphate, potassium chloride or potassium nitrate containing agar-agar.

 What is the direction of flow of electrons in an electrochemical cell ?
Answer. Electrons move from anode to cathode in an electrochemical cell.

 What is the direction of flow of current in an electrochemical cell ?
Answer. Current flows from cathode to anode.

What is the effect of [Zn2+] on emf of the cell Zn | Zn2+|| Cu2+ | Cu ?
Answer. The emf decreases with the increase in molar concentration of Zn2+ ions.

What is the effect of [Cu2+] on emf of the cell Zn | Zn2+|| Cu2+ | Cu ?
Answer. The emf increases with the increase in molar concentration of Cu2+ ions.

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