Entrance exam after +2 science

Many students have same question in their mind that Which exam you can attend after +2 ?. There are many exams are there after 12th for science , arts and commerce stream.But here we will discuss about only science students. Many exam are available  for higher study, Govt. job ,Private job etc after 12th, So you need to choose your own career according to your need.

Entrance exam are like your board exam so do not neglet this exam. 

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Competitive exams after +2 

Here we will discuss about the entrance exam after 12th. There are many fields after 12th but you have decide your aim that where do you want to go. If you are interested for higher study or job according to that you have to choose the exam.

There are different type of entrance exam i:e; for higher study and for job. Some entrance exam like JEE Main , OUAT are there where you should go for a higher study. And some exam like CHSL, SSC are there where you may go for job. So for different stream different exam are there.
sabu stream (science, commerce ,arts) pain alaga alaga bahut prakar exam achi ।

Engineering, management, Law, medical, architecture are the field where you can choose your aim and its totally depends on you.
For every field there is different different exam. Au sabu Field pain Exam ra cut off mark b alaga alaga thae. Pilamananka nijara Caste anusare cut off mark alaga alaga ruhe



Competitive exams after +2 science

There are many exam after 12th students through which they can enter into different field. when we talk about +2 Science student then there is two things comes in our mind that is pcb and pcm.PCB means physics chemistry biology where are pcm means physics chemistry and math. so there are two category student in 12th Board.

The student those who have  pcb in their subject, they can enter into the field like engineering ,medical,law etc but the student those who have pcm in their subject they cannot enter into the medical field but they can go for engineering field as well as  law field. so if a student wants to go for medical field then he should have the subject pcb.

Which Exam for Medical Field ?

There are many exam for medical field , So If you wants to enter these field then you have to qualify the Entrance exam for which you should get a seat in a reputed college.

What are the exam for medical

  • NEET

In this exam the Question will come from the subject i:e; physics chemistry and biology. Every year thousands of people attend this exam.

Exam for engineering career after +2 Science  

Like medical field there are many exam for engineering also ,so the student have to qualify the exam to get a seat in the government college for higher study.

what are the exam for engineering 

  • JEE Main

For engineering  entrance exam the question will come from the three subject i:e; physics chemistry and math. There is no question from biology because biology is needed for medical student but the student having pcb can also enter into the engineering field.

How to get a career in Agriculture 

There are many students who wants to choose their career in the agricultural field and for that they have to attend the exam  like OUAT and ICAR .By These two exam students can enter into a reputed agricultural college.

How to get a career in teaching Line

Many students like the teaching job so they should choose their career in the teaching line .All students can enter into the teaching field irrespective of any stream.

Entrance for teaching job

Like engineering and medical some student wants to choose their career in teaching line for that they have to attend different entrance exam to study in a  government college .

which exam for teaching line job 

  • C.T
  • B.Ed

These two exam are  for teaching job.

 we have already discussed about different entrance examination for different field now we will discuss that How to get a job after +2  Science?

Entrance for getting a job after +2

Your we will discuss about the job after plus two science. so read the article carefully .so there are many exam where you can get a job after doing plus two.

 which government exam is actor plus two 

  • Postal
  • CHSL

Postal au CHSL both exam are central Govt. Exam .So after Your 12th Board You are able to attend these Exam. These are very good job which is offered by Govt. of India. 

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