How to Concentrate in Studies ?

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  • We saw that many student are distracted by the mobile phone without concentrating in studies .So here we will discuss how to bring your concentration in studies. Now a days students are addicted to the mobile phone .so to get rid from this we have some tricks .so read it carefully
  • Always try to remember that there is a lot of advantage of mobile at the same time there are lot of disadvantage also. So for student of this generation mobile is very useful for study because students are watching the video lecture from YouTube by using mobile. So that’s why mobile is most important.
  • In online education students get many advantage that is for example whenever in offline education some student don’t try to clear their doubts from the teacher but by online education they can watch the tutorial repeatedly if there is any confusion in the current lecture. 
  • Always try to fix a routine for study purpose. Don’t try to waste your time in the social media App like Facebook WhatsApp Instagram etc.
  • If you watch the video lecture by using mobile then our advice is, whenever you are reading any subject try to concentrate on that subject only don’t try to remember other subject . Because it will create confusion in your mind for example whenever you are reading physics always try to you read that subject only. Don’t try to remember chemistry and math while reading physics. Try to make a routine that when you read physics ,chemistry and math.
  • In our point of view if you are giving 1 hour to each subject then it’s very  sufficient for your board exam, but while reading the subject for 1 hour when it will converted to 2 hour you don’t even know if you like the subject. 

  • How concentrate in one subject

  • Whenever you are ready for studying any subject before that try to make a point in your note and try to you see the point continuously for 2 minute. It will help you to bring your concentration because it can stable your mind. By doing this your mind will be bound in the region of the point and you can concentrate easily. 
  • Whenever you started reading the subject try to say your mind that you are going to read that subject for 30 minute and after that you can use the mobile phone for your personal use. Then you you open your syllabus and try to read any subject syllabus wise step by step without wasting anytime by reading the things out of syllabus.
  • While reading don’t try to byheart anything. Always try to understand the concept behind the Question. While reading always try to read loudly because it will help you to understand the chapter easily . When you start reading make your environment silent.
  • Whenever you think that any concept is there which is difficult for you at that time try to you ask your friend to teach you. You can also ask your elder brother and sister .
  • After reading 30 minutes revise it repeatedly. Make a question to yourself that whenever someone asking any question from the the chapter you can able to answer this or not.
  • I Told you about the concentration you can apply it while reading the theory chapter like physics and chemistry and the biology. But while solving mathematics it doesn’t necessary. Because we can solve the math by listening music. While doing math always try to keep the reference book in your side because it will help you to solve the question quickly if we arise any doubt in your mind.
  • When you are unable to solve any question then don’t take any tension in your mind and try to see the answer from the reference book. Say your mind that next time you will solve the same question without taking any help from the reference book.

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