How to score 80% in Physics in CHSE Board ?

How to score 80% in physics in CHSE Board ?


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In this post we will discuss how to score 80% mark in physics in chse board. As it is a compulsory subject of CHSE Board ,it is very important for higher study as well as for future. If anyone wants to study engineering then this subject is the most important one. According to physics engineering streams are divided that why physics is important for engineering.

Generally 50% students like physics where as another 50% students don’t like physics. Basically the students  those are weak in math they don’t like physics while the students those who are strong in math ,physics become easier for them. If you want to score good mark in physics then you are in the right place. So we are going to provide you all some tricks & by following them you can score good mark in physics. So for that you have to read the article carefully and prepare accordingly. It’s one of the important subject where you saw use of different derivation and formula.

In +2 board this subject is treated as most important subject. Everything you see in your environment are operated by different law of physics. so if you want to strong in this subject then you have to gain the basic conceptual knowledge. So we provide you 6 procedure which you have to follow. 


  • In the first step those who are weak in math, they have to work hard for this subject because physics is totally based on math. Some important chapter in math like derivative ,integration are mostly used in physics. those are clear in this chapter then no doubt they will good mark in physics. So our advice to you please make yourself strong in derivative and integration.
  • After the first step , Your job is get a hard copy of your syllabus because when you have the hard copy of your syllabus ,it’s easy for you to study serially and the question in the board exam comes from the syllabus only. Those who are weak in physics please buy a new sample paper and study chapter wise. For the sample you can buy it from the book store or you can order it from online. Please visit our website if you want to order online from amazon. Those who don’t know how to order the sample paper , they can contact us in our mail we will help you. 
  • Mark the chapter which carry maximum mark in board exam. After that start reading these chapter from the sample paper. First go through the long type question and then go for mcq question and short type. Keep eye on the long question and how to write them properly to get full mark in the exam similarly do the same for short question. While preparing the long question , don’t by heart any thing always try to understand the logic behind the question. There many important things in physics, so always try to understand the basic concept after that you will see physics become easier for you. 
Try to practice all the derivation with proper knowledge, If you face any problem then you can take the help of elder brother or sister.
  • Generally physics contain some numerical question .In exam basically the problem carries 3 mark & 5 mark which is completely based on concept and derivation. if you are good in derivation then you can easily solve the numerical question by your own. 
  • Basically In physics there are two type of exam is there one is theory and other is practical. The theory carry 70 mark and practical carry 30 mark question. For practical , if you are from govt college then try to keep good relation with your teacher and lab assistant because it help you to score full mark in practical otherwise you will get a average mark above 20.
  • Those who want to score more than 90% in CHSE physics then for them our tips is to read the text book of chse board by following the syllabus. Kp book is best for the students . You can get it from the book store or otherwise get it from online. 
  • Make a short note for all derivation and paste it in front of your study table. It help you to memorize the derivation. Before reading any derivation try to understand the logic behind it. Try to revise all the concept regularly, it helps to score good mark in physics. Solve all numerical question from the KP book.
  • Try to remember the SI unit of any quantity. Once you complete the syllabus try to solve the sample paper.

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