How to score 80% Mark in CHSE Board Easily

How to Get 80 % mark easily in CHSE Board There are three method Given by us where we are talk about How to Get 80 % mark easily in CHSE Board.

First Method > Study Syllabus wise 


  • If you wants to follow this method then you have to download the hard copy of the PDF of Your Syllabus and Study accordingly. Because all the question will come in the Exam according to Syllabus.
  • If you strictly follow the syllabus then you don’t need to worry about the exam
  • This method helps you to score good mark in the entrance like JEE ,NEET , VIT etc
  • By following this method you are able to remind all the chapter easily
  • Here you will get Overall Knowledge of a Chapter which helps you in future.
  • You can get the deep knowledge of a chapter by following this method

Second Method > Follow Previous Year Question paper


  • This method is very easy method and one of the best method to score above 90 % in the exam
  • If you really wants to get good result the you have to practice at least 8 previous year question 
  • Because every year all the question got repeated .So it is the best way 
  • If you do all these step then no one stop you
  • Always try to understand the things 
  • This is the only shortcut method to score a very good mark within 10 days

Third Method > Buy Sample paper and practice the Question Chapter wise


  • Here you have to buy the sample paper first then you have to follow the below step
  • After Buying the book you have to study each subject from the sample paper
  • First try to read all the Long Question from any chapter then go for short type question
  • if you have to do same thing for each subject .so that it will be very easy for you to write the question 
  • This also help you to know how to write short and long question 
  • This one is the best method because here you have to only follow the sample paper 
  • Many Students follow this method and score good mark in Board
  • If you wants to go for it then go for it now

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