How to score Full mark in Math ?

How to Score full mark in MATH

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Today we talk about “how to score full mark in math in CHSE ?”, if if you want to score good mark in math then you are in the right place. Here we will give you some tricks and by using them you can score good mark. Always remember that it is a important subject for everyone to score good marks, So you have to to gain some basic knowledge that is addition, subtraction, decimal ,fraction and division etc. If you are able to clear the basic knowledge then we must say that you are able to score good mark.

Mathematics makes your mind work fast. so if you solve more question in mathematics then your mind acts accordingly .Math is one type of subject which is favorite subject of some students and it also create fear in some student’s mind .so  we will give you some point below by which you can score good marks.

While preparing for examination


Always remember that while studying mathematics  make a separate copy for the formula theorem and methodology that are present in mathematics .By doing the same you can able to solve different question. Those student who was able to remember all the formula can able to score good mark in mathematics.

Always try to solve a problem by yourself which improve your approach towards a problem. By doing the problem by yourself it will boost your confidence  and you will be clear in the concept.

Whenever you are going to solve any problem in mathematics , Always keep a reference book like MBD and TBW in your side because every time the teacher is not with you .so whenever you face any problem you can follow the reference book by considering it as your teacher .By doing the same you can complete the exercise easily and fast.

While studying mathematics keep your syllabus in front of your eyes which helps to study to right things .So syllabus is most important.

Always try to be strong in your week chapter. so that you can easily score more than 90% in the exam. While doing any exercise try to solve the problem which is difficult for you.

The very next point is time management which is most important while you are attending the math exam.

Point to be followed in the Exam hall 


While entering exam hall try to control your heartbeat, because that nervousness put you in trouble. So try to bring your concentration while going to exam .when you look at a point draw in a copy, then you will see the result.

After getting the question paper in the exam hall try to read all the question carefully and remember the method to solve this question.

While observing the question ,mark the question which are easy for you and try to solve them first.

Whenever you are attending the math exam always keep your in your mind that you should write the answer neat and clean, because it will create impression for the teacher who evaluate your answer sheet.

As mathematics is a step marking subject ,so while solving any question keep in your mind that your going to solve the question step by step. so whenever your answer is wrong anywhere you will get some mark for the step.

There are different type of graph and diagram in mathematics ,while attending the exam keep your paper neat and clean while drawing any graph or diagram. so that you can get good mark in mathematics.

While solving the math question always try to manage your time because it was very necessary for the math exam. As it is one type of subject which take some more time While attending the math exam .

Always try to solve the question those which are formula related question because it will boost your confidence. So keep this thing in your mind.

Always try to answer all the question which are difficult for you in the last part of your exam.

Before going to exam try to practice the previous year question from the sample paper which help you to score good mark in mathematics .Most of the question comes from the previous year.

After writing the answer of all the question try to cross check the answer of the question because sometimes you left some question unknowingly.



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