How to score good mark in Chemistry in CHSE Board

How to score good mark in Chemistry in CHSE Board?

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Today in this post we will discuss about one of the popular question asked by every students those who are studying in 12th class that “How to score good mark in Chemistry in CHSE Board ?”.So First thing , As it is a Compulsory Subject So it is very important to get a clear knowledge about this Subject. It will help in Your Higher Study also.

How to score good mark in Chemistry ?


>Generally 50% Students like Chemistry and other 50% don’t like it because they all think that Chemistry is a Hard Subject to read. From these 50% students who really like Chemistry 40% guys don’t have proper knowledge about the subject .And only 10% guys understood the subject Conceptually. From the beginning We told you that Don’t try to read the subject without understanding the Concept , always try to find the logic behind that subject. When you will find the logic ,then it’s easy for you to score good mark. 

>Chemistry is one the most important subject which is a crucial part of every Entrance Exam. If you want to become an engineer , Scientist or Doctor then Chemistry is very important for your career. It is one of the easiest Subject where you can score good mark.

>In reality , The state board students have already read chemistry in their 10th Board but in 12th class it is sometimes hard for them because they are not familiar with the English Word. So before studying this subject just remember and tell your mind that i have already read this in my 10th class. So I can easily Score good mark in this Subject. 

>So first thing is before read any chapter of Chemistry you have to remember the periodic table because it is the most important thing. For remembering the periodic table there are many short tricks are available in You Tube. So another thing is you have to remember the atomic number with symbol of first 20 Elements in the periodic table.

>After the previous step if You want to score 90% or above in this subject then you must remember the whole periodic table. If you want us to give a short tricks to remember the periodic table then let us know. We will provide you the tricks through video .If someone is able remember the whole periodic table then no one stop him/her to score good mark in inorganic chemistry. 

>As Chemistry does not contain many numerical problem so don’t worry about the numerical Question. Just read the theory part with equation so you can easily attend all the numerical Question.

>Third point is Give more time to the mark scoring chapter. Select the Chapter Which has more weightage then try to focus more on these chapter. Weightage means the Chapter contain more question in the exam. By making proper planning you can easily finish all the chapter and score good mark.

>In chemistry the important chapters are  electro chemistry, chemical kinetics , aldehyde & ketone, carboxylic acid, p block element etc .So focus more on these chapters.

>I think everyone having the sample paper with them, So try to solve the previous year question answer because every time the questions are repeated in the exam. If you don’t have the previous year question then you can visit our menu section and get all the question there.

>In physical chemistry , try to remember all the formula because the numerical coming from this section is very easy and formula based . So it’s easy to score good mark.

>For Inorganic p-block elements and  coordination compound are very important chapter. So read them properly. 

>For organic chemistry ,naming reaction and conversion reaction are very important. so try to practice all the naming reaction repeatedly if you want to score good mark.

>Give a little importance to Iupac name and naming of compound because this section contains multiple choice question.

List of Important Chapter of Class 12th Chemistry 

  • P-block elements
  • D and F block elements
  • Electrochemistry
  • Solid States
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Surface Chemistry

Tips for CBSE Students to score 90% mark in Chemistry?


  • If you feel that you are not good in this subject then Spent more time reading this subject.
  • Start reading the chapters syllabus wise .
  • Try to remember all the periodic table elements. If you did this then no one can stop you to score more percentage in Chemistry.
  • Don’t try to rush and finish the chapter. Try to understand the concept and the logic behind every concept.
  • Give more time to your weak chapter than your strong zone . Before the exam make sure that you are strong in your weak chapter.
  • Try to follow one book or one note which helps you to score good mark . Don’t waste your time by reading multiple notes .
  • Buy sample paper / Model test paper and start reading all the short and long questions one by one Chapter wise .
  • Practice at least 10 previous year questions if you really like to score more than 90% in 12th Board .
  • Don’t ignore numerical questions because most of the time problems are directly comes from the book.
  • Revise as much as possible when you complete your syllabus.
  • After you complete your syllabus try to solve the model question from the sample paper .
  • Try to write to the point answer in your exam without wasting time writing unnecessary thing.

All Chemistry notes are available in our site according to your CHSE / CBSE syllabus . So visit our Main menu and go to Chemistry hand written note section. There you will find All notes serially Chapter wise with syllabus. Except hand written note you will also get chemistry previous year question . We will provide you 10 Previous year question .So you can practice it from there .

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