Which Board is better CHSE/CBSE/ICSE ?

Guys in this post we will discuss which board is best CHSE/ICSE/CBSE ? 

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CHSE stands for Council of Higher Secondary Education which is coming under Odisha Board . On the Other hand CBSE is coming under Central Government And the full form of CBSE is Central Board of Secondary Education. ICSE stands for Indian Certificate of secondary Education and it’s a self financing school education board in India with a different syllabus and different exam pattern . 

There are around 1000 College are there for State board ,CHSE  And nearly 100000 students are studying in this Board in Odisha. Similarly there are 16000 school of CBSE Board present in our country . 

CBSE Board

  • CBSE promote education both for public and private school
  • CBSE board comes under the Central Government of India
  • The schools like Kendriya Vidhyalayas, Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalayas and Other private  school are also Affiliated by CBSE 
  • CBSE Set a Time table for its board exam for 10th and 12th which is held in the month of march every year
  • The main aim of CBSE Board to develop Child’s Personality
  • This Board will Conduct examination for National level

ICSE Board

  • ICSE is a national private Board in India for Education 
  • ICSE was established in 1958
  • Here CISCE is in charge of conducting the Examination for class 10th and 12th
  • Here the main aim of ICSE Board was to provide Good and Quality education to the Students of India
  • This Board will Conduct examination for National level

CHSE Board

  • CHSE or Council of Higher Secondary Education comes under the state Board of Odisha
  • Here CHSE Board conduct Examination only for Class 12th Students
  • CHSE or Council of Higher Secondary Education was established in 1982
  • Around 1000 college are there for CHSE Board
  • This CHSE board only conduct examination in state level

Difference between ICSE and CBSE

  • ICSE Board always try to give In depth knowledge about the subject than CBSE Board which is the most important thing 
  • CBSE Board is controlled by central Government where as ICSE board totally privately Controlled
  • CBSE Board approves both English and Hindi language as the medium of instruction but ICSE board doesn’t recommend Hindi
  • As compared to CBSE the parents are most satisfied with ICSE Board
  • The Quality of Education is good in ICSE than CBSE Board
  • ICSE Board always make the student capable of stand up in their own feet than CBSE Board
  • But one thing we must say that ICSE board is good for class 10th but Not for 12th as compared to CBSE Board
  • Most CBSE class 12th students was able to clear JEE and NEET Exam than the ICSE Board
  • ICSE Board is very good Structure of syllabus with both practical and conceptual Knowledge
  • Schools are limited in ICSE Board than CBSE board
  • Scope of CBSE is more when we talk about the Government Job , Because CBSE board helps students to clear Government entrance examination
  • If you look at the syllabus then we must  say that CBSE board is more helpful than ICSE Board if You prepare for the exam like JEE , NEET , NISER etc. As these exam are based on the syllabus of CBSE thats why CBSE is more helpful than ICSE
  • CBSE board is more easier than ICSE Board , Because ICSE Board syllabus are very vast as compared to CBSE Board
  • Range of subject are huge in ICSE Board as compared to CBSE Board. ICSE offers variety of subject like English , kanada , Tamil , Telugu etc
  • If you are talking about teaching style then both board have their own way of teaching students. Over past few year both board CBSE and ICSE changed their teaching style. Both of them trying to introduce new teaching technique where students learn through their experience 
  • As there are a lot of CBSE school in our country . if Someone try to change their state or city then it is very easy in case of CBSE than ICSE
  • Even though there are practical subject in CBSE board but here the more focus is on theory than practical but in ICSE Board they are mainly focus on practical knowledge improvement 
  • In CBSE board students get their mark in grade system but in ICSE board there are two result one is showing the grade and the other showing mark of the students

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